Pam Jackson has been a dog trainer for more than 30 years, training more than 9,000 dogs during that time.

She is a Certified Trainer with six obedience degrees and 10 championship degrees in AKC-registered shows.

Her training has included two different dogs who starred in the productions of the play “Annie”, and her own standard poodle, Charley, who played “Charley” in The Western Stage’s production of John Steinbeck’s “Travels With Charley.” And her two Old English sheepdogs were the 10 highest scoring sheepdogs in obedience in the country.

She is also an author, ghostwriting the popular book by her 4-year-old Pumi Hungarian herding dog, Veni, titled “Veni, Vidi, Vici: I Came, I Saw, I Conquered,” and the follow-up, “Born to Lead.”

She and her husband adopted nine-week-old Veni on a trip to Venice Italy in 2012, thus the name Veni, short for Venice. They also have two others dogs, another Pumi named Levi, and Demi, a standard poodle, who are both featured in the two books.

Born in Seattle and raised in Tule Lake, California, Jackson and her husband (who is from Klamath Falls, Oregon) have two grown sons in addition to their furry children. Her husband is a produce broker in Salinas and they have lived in Chualar for 30 years.


Levi, Demi, and Veni at home.

Veni answering “Dear Veni” submissions.

Meet Pam’s three dogs: Demi, Levi, and Veni.

Demi is a Champion Standard Poodle.

Levi and Veni are Pumis from Hungary. A Pumi is a herding breed, extremely smart, affectionate, and trainable. They are somewhat a one family dog (like Border Collies), love to please, and want to be with the family they love. They were just recognized by AKC in the Miscellaneous group last January.

Levi giving hugs to Pam’s granddaughter, Avery.

Demi at play, and cuddling up with the grandchildren.