Pam Jackson is a life-changer! My spouse and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. A natural “alpha,” she taught me how to be a leader with our dogs, Raffa (a bossy female cattle mix) and Flip Diego (a tenacious male terrier chihuahua). Both dogs used to pull on a leash, rush the front door, and jump on guests as they came in. Now, they walk at my side, wait at the door, and every guest has commented on how calm and well-behaved they are since beginning to train with Pam. We all love her and respond to her leadership, patience, and kindness.

I tried, unsuccessfully, to train them on my own with treats before my spouse insisted that I call Pam. Guess what? Praise from training is so much more effective than treats! And the dogs are healthier and happier for it, too. If you do the exercises Pam assigns, you will surely get positive results. Our dogs are more balanced, respectful, and—perhaps the best benefit of all—affectionate with us and each other. Training has profoundly improved our relationship with our dogs. We even took them to an outdoor restaurant recently, and they behaved beautifully. Thank you for all you have done for us, Pam! You are a godsend!

Karina Young & Deborah Tucker

Hello, my name is Chiquita. I’ve been taking obedience lessons from Pam Jackson. The lessons sure are fun! Pam clearly shows me what I’m supposed to do, and them, when I do the exercise correctly, I get lots of praise! My human companion, Evelyn, enjoys the lessons too. She says that it’s easier to take me places now that Pam has taught me how a canine is expected to behave in society. I’ve learned many behaviors, and would like to enter some obedience contests. If you see me at one, come say hi!

Evelyn & Chiquita

I was so grateful when my friend recommended that I call Pam because I had been struggling with my dog, Sydney. I was frustrated because I was going to training classes elsewhere, but they were not helping me deal with Sydney’s “issues”. Sydney is my third Golden Retriever, however, none of the other ones were as strong minded. When Pam started working with me, Sydney was out of control. Since Pam has been working with me, Sydney’s progress has been amazing! He has become a great dog & companion. Pam continues to help me work to have a well-mannered and well behaved dog. I look forward to Pam’s continued help with Sydney & any other dogs I may have in the future. When questions and problems come up between training sessions, Pam has been great about being available by telephone to help me. I highly recommend anyone needing help with Dog Training to work with Pam. She is outstanding. I am happy
to refer my friends & family to her.

Geri D. Burchard

Pam, I can’t thank you enough for Amie’s training! She’s just a different dog since she’s completed your classes! When we first came to you, I told you that I wanted to be able to call her and have her respond and come to me. I also hoped to be able to have her walk off leash with me. I now have that and more! I am just amazed how well she behaves now-it’s like having a new dog!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! By-the-way, she never needs to walk on a leash anymore unless we are in a busy area with lots of people or cars! She even walks off leash with two of the ladies that work in my office and like to take her with them when they need to go to our mail-box, which is about a block away! YOU DO CREATE MIRACLES!!!!


Norman Weiss

My name is Marnie Gustafson. Over the past thirteen years, Pam Jackson has trained three of our Rhodesian Ridgebacks to absolute perfection and with enormous success. Both my husband and I have the utmost confidence in her as a professional trainer and consider the investment we have made in engaging Pam as our trainer to be one of the best investments we have ever made over the past thirteen years.

We cannot speak highly enough of Pam as a trainer, as a person of high integrity and commitment, and as a person of compassion and intuitiveness about each dog she trains. Each of our three Ridgebacks were/are of different temperaments, requiring different treatment and training styles. Pam addressed each dog with an innate sense of what they needed to learn and develop and to become disciplined, well-behaved members of our family…. responsive, happy and completely understanding of their commands and what was being asked of them. Not a cookie-cutter approach, but working with each individual dog to achieve success based on their individual temperaments and training needs. Our most recent puppy that Pam trained was a particular “challenge” and from the very day we started with Pam, the difference in this dog was noticeable and quite amazing. I can honestly say that she worked miracles with this dog. My husband and I are in complete agreement that the investment yields returns out of proportion for what is charged. Frankly, Pam gives much more than she ever asks.

Among the many things I have learned from Pam through the years of training, perhaps this is the most important – and I want to emphasize this. Training a dog is not just about the dog…. it is about training the owner as well. It is imperative that the owner participate in some way in the training process so that everyone involved speaks with one voice, acts as one person, is on the same page at all times, providing consistency and continuity for the dog. Yes, Pam can train the dog to perfection; but as an owner it is imperative that you make the time to participate actively in the training process at some level to learn for yourself how to “do it” when you are on your own, in order to achieve the needed consistency and continuity to reinforce what Pam has so expertly taught the dog. It is as much about training the owner as it is about training the dog. And, as an owner, you must make that commitment on some level. It is a commitment that must be taken seriously; no excuses. Pam has trained our dogs to an amazing point and through my participation she has trained me as well. I cannot emphasize this commitment strongly enough.

Pam Jackson is the consummate professional and compassionate person; my dogs adore her and respond to her. My husband and I would, and do, recommend her without any reservation whatsoever to anyone seeking professional, compassionate training for their pet. We will continue to do so. Again, we cannot speak more highly of her as a trainer and a person and we will continue to make the investment over and over…. No other investment pays better dividends, short and long-term!

Marnie Gustafson

What do you do with a dog that thinks tabletops are for sleeping, birdbaths are for drinking out of , and the world is his oyster? A dog that is strong enough to drag a semi down the street when on leash, and can keep up with a car at 25 miles per hour? Call Pam Jackson!! Beau now no longer drags us all over the county on walks, sits and stays on command and acts like he a gentleman (most of the time).

We want to take a moment to share our story about our dog Riley.  We adopted her from the local shelter 3 years ago as a puppy.  Certain circumstances in our lives prevented us from socializing Riley properly.  As she began to grow she started showing aggression towards other people.  It started off minor, but unsure of her behavior and unable to trust her, we started pulling her back from anyone other than family.  Before we knew it she was 65 pounds of pure muscle.  We were at a point of not knowing how to handle her.  We wanted her to be included in all we do, but because of her behavior she controlled every aspect of our lives.

Pam came into our lives and with her time, patience and expertise taught us exactly what we needed to do.  After several weeks of training Riley is truly a different dog.  She is showing others her sweet, loving self which only her immediate family experiences.  We are living in harmony with Riley and we finally have our lives back with Riley being a big part of it.  We know it’s a work in progress but the results we are seeing are amazing.  We were willing to do anything for Riley, but at one point I wasn’t sure there was anything we could do.  I thought our lives would continue to be stressful and on edge and this is the way it would be.

Thank you Pam for everything you have done for us.  We are much more relaxed and happier as a family and I know Riley is much happier in life as well.  We are forever grateful!

Jim & Sally

Pam Jackson did such a wonderful job training my two Pappions for me. She came to my home four days a week to train Lucky and Gigi. I recommend Pam as an excellent, well versed trainer. She is dependable, caring, and kind. Both dogs obey so well and are so much easier to live with. I highly recommend Pam Jackson.

Geri Verga

Finally, a dog trainer who has made it clear to me what I need to do to train my dogs. Whew!

Jan Kohlmoos

Hamish, my English Mastiff, is the only dog I have ever had that comes every time he is called, thanks to Pam’s training, and that in itself speaks volumes for Pam. It was worth every penny! Pam has a wonderful, gentle way with dogs and Hamish responded very well to her training techniques. Most importantly she gives pet owners that confidence to lead and train, which paves the way for a close and respectful bond with our canine companions.

Nazneen Eggleston MacDougall

Pam Jackson has now helped me train two dogs, first Molly our Cocker Spaniel and Shilo our new Coton de Tulear puppy.
We moved to the Monterey Peninsula a little more then four years ago from Seattle where I had taken Molly to group training. Molly was the class clown everyone adored her but she always did the training her way. I think she got bored very quickly.
When we moved to Monterey I started training with Pam Jackson and Molly did so much better with Pam’s approach. I was relieved that we only had to train about ten minutes a day and I think Molly was also. She did so much better and it didn’t change her adorable personality she was still the class clown but enjoyed the training so much more.
We now have a new seven month old, Coton named Shilo who has just started her training. Shilo is doing so well and I still can’t believe it works with only ten minutes a day. I thought since she is still just a puppy that the training may be a little harder for her but Shilo is learning just as quickly.
Pam Jackson’s loving approach to training is the best I have found. Molly and Shilo have both loved the training and still allowing their personalities to flourish.

Cami Eals, Molly, & Shilo

Nearly four years ago I found myself with a new Pomeranian puppy and a laundry list of bad behavior.
I sought out Pam Jackson for her 30 plus years of dog training. She promised to give me a civilized dog. I got that and beyond. We took many different lessons with Pam and my little one looked forward to each challenge. Once I had a perfectly behaved Pomeranian I set out to find a show dog. Once again Pam was there to help me with obedience and conformation lessons too. Both my girls are now wonderfully behaved members of the family thanks to Pam and her training methods. I am now on my third generation of poms and as an owner and breeder I can’t imagine being without her.

Wendi Nilsson

Fancy Face Poms

Pam Jackson both bred and began training on my standard poodle puppy Katie in the spring and summer of 2006. Before I received Katie at 8 ½ weeks of age, Pam had done a wonderful job of socializing her. Katie loved everyone she met, and exhibited no fear or shyness towards our friends and family. She was very trusting and confident as she entered into new experiences with her new owners. I feel that because of this “early childhood education,” she is now, at a year and a half, a wonderful, well-rounded companion dog. At about 6 months of age, Pam came to our home and began some basic obedience training. I think Katie remembered her “first mom” and she was quite glad to reacquaint. Pam was quick to praise when Katie did well, and used gentle corrections when she did not. Most of all, Pam trained us so that we knew what to do when Pam wasn’t around. She was a great help with advice in curing some puppy “bad habits.” I would highly recommend Pam Jackson as a dog trainer to anyone who wants to own a well mannered, friendly and well rounded pet.

Christy Reitinger

We found our new puppy and Sir Jake became the love of our lives. Pam trained my son and Jake in puppy classes then on to obedience classes. This kept this 13-year-old kid so busy and focused that he became the best son a Mom could ever have. When Jake was ready he went to his first obedience trial. My son at the tender age of 14 came in FIRST out of 20 dogs in his class! That only inspired Tracy to work harder. With Pam’s direction Tracy and Jake have many trophies and the memories are priceless.

Jake went through Junior High, High School, and then College with Tracy and was the companion of a lifetime and we owe all of this to Pam Jackson’s guidance. Not only was Pam our “Dog Trainer” she also became my son Tracy’s second Mom. To this day we are friends.

Barbara Bryan

I will admit that choosing a Dog Trainer from the phone book may not always be a winning game plan but in the case of Pam Jackson, I was pleasantly surprised with her professionalism as well as the effectiveness of her training methods. Pam’s methods showed immediate results and her demonstrations provided me the guidance to train myself on the proper methods to get the best results from our Goldendoodle, Cinzia. Cinzia has always been somewhat shy with people but the mere mention of Pam’s name, a few minutes prior to her coming for training, was enough to excite Cinzia almost as much as playing with her ball. Cinzia really responded to Pam, but more importantly, Pam insured that with each training session Cinzia was responding tome. Left with our assignment for the week, Pam would be on her way and expected results upon her return a week later. Cinzia and I tried very hard to please her and we were always thrilled when Pam gave us praise for a good week’s work. I highly recommend Pam Jackson, not just for your dog, but for dog owners as well, for I learned that if a dog is poorly trained it is usually the fault of the owner and not the dog. “Two paws WAY up”!

John Pieper

Pam Jackson has been training our Labrador Retrievers and occasional mixed breed dogs since 1994. Pam was the original “Dog Whisperer” long before Cesar Millan began training. Pam’s techniques are loving but firm and work every time unless you, the human, aren’t doing your job. My husband and I highly recommend Pam Jackson.

Chuck & Lisa Warner

We could not be happier with the results of Pam Jackson’s dog training. We got Riley from the SPCA when she was 1 year old. She did not come when called and was not obedient on a leash. After completing Pam’s dog training course she is a changed dog. She now comes when called and is excellent on a leash. The training has allowed Riley to have much more freedom, and she can even be trusted off her leash. Riley is a happier dog, and we are much happier owners.

Colin Hattersley

After attempting to train Hoover with a clicker and a pocketful of treats, I decided to look for a more professional approach. We were very lucky to have found Pam Jackson. Hoover has RESPONDED TO HER TEACHING TECHNIQUES and we look forward to training with and outperforming the two Poodles in our next class.


Pam Jackson is a life saver…Really a dog saver ~ cause I was on my last time-out with Ziva!
Pam is the real deal…a true dog whisperer! I should have called her when we first got our 2 month old Yorkshire Terrier. But it took me 7 months to realize that we really needed help. Our homes are not dog friendly and we were having trouble keeping her in one area long enough to potty train her. I knew what the problem was but didn’t know how to fix it. That’s when we called Pam. She had great ideas and was very encouraging. It wasn’t long before Ziva knew where and when to potty.
Now our little lady is a lady more and more each day. She’s learning all the obedience rules and actually enjoying her work time with me. The most amazing thing I see is her respect for Pam. Almost every week Ziva and I work diligently but she doesn’t seem to be getting it…then comes Monday morning and Pam arrives. It’s amazing to see Ziva really show off for her. She really likes to please her.
I love my little “Ziva-Diva” and I want her to be a well disciplined/trained dog that is welcomed anywhere. With Pam, it’s really happening. Pam has the experience and the passion to train and the results are obvious ~ she is training me to train my little Ziva. If you hire Pam you will have great results ~ if you’re willing to do the homework.

Vicki Wheeler

I was introduced to Pam Jackson 30 years ago when my son Tracy wanted a Golden Retriever for Christmas. Tracy was 13 at the time and had been asking me for a Golden for probably 2 years. Now, everyone knows how responsible a 13-year-old kid is and how much care there is for a dog. After deep consideration and looking into the breed my husband Jack and I decided it was time for a new family member.

I had been watching this woman who lived in the neighborhood at the park day in and day out working her English Sheep dogs rain or shine. I finally stopped to introduce myself and asked her where she was learning how to train these huge dogs. This is when Pam Jackson introduced herself to me.

I picked her brain for over an hour while these sheep dogs heeled at her side the whole time and did not even move an inch. I was so impressed I had to have her help me find a great puppy for my own son. Not only did Pam take the time to get names and phone numbers she followed up on personal phone calls for me asking questions.

I just wanted to write you a short note to say “Thank You!” As you know, I took my dog Rex to two different trainers in the past, with no success. I thought Rex was not trainable. Thankfully, a colleague of mine recommended you, and I’m sure glad she did. Having Rex properly trained has made such a big difference!! I only wish I found you earlier, as that would have saved me a lot of time and disappointment. Thanks Pam!

Steve C.

Dear Pam, (Now that I have graduated with high honors, I prefer to address you by your first name!)

When I look back at all the training, I feel very thankful and proud of myself even though I was scared and apprehensive at the time. You made the instruction very enjoyable and I tried to do my best because I loved the hugs I got when I did things right. I must confess, I knew the “Down” command very well but at times I pretended I didn’t understand hoping you would return for another session – and it did work.I knew it had to come to an end (sigh). That is why I performed so well at my last session at the Crossroads and got the expected praises. You will always be my dear friend and I know we will stay in touch!

Your loving admirer,


Margaret, our bull terrier has been diagnosed as an alpha bitch with a high prey drive. A course with Pam Jackson; Margaret now does, among other things, a beautiful sit-stay while dogs bark furiously at her from behind a fence ten feet away.

Helen Knode